Tuesday, October 6, 2009

pryamids child play compared to puma punka??

This is so incredible...why does history leave out such important and significant information. I always thought that the pyramids of giza were the oldest and most mysterious of ancient architectural remnants. Turns out, that this site in Bolivia, is the older and more mysterious. It seems to be the remains of a great wharf (for Lake Titicaca long ago lapped upon the shores of Tiahuanaco) and a massive, four-part, now collapsed building. One of the construction blocks from which the pier was fashioned weighs an estimated 440 tons (equal to nearly 600 full-size cars) and several other blocks laying about are between 100 and 150 tons.

Puma Punku doesn’t look impressive: a hill as remains of an old pyramid and a large number of megalithic block of stone on the ground, evidently smashed by a devastating earthquake. However, closer inspection shows that these stone blocks have been fabricated with a very advanced technology. Even more surprising is the technical design of these blocks, implying a modular design. The blocks were cut with such precision and laid in place without mortar, they are impenetrable even with a razor blade.

The block to the right has been cut with such precision, that it suggests evidence of machining and that they were using machined tools to cut the blocks. But apparently, the Imari Indians that built it, didn't not have a written language!!!

Incredible, truly incredible.

Watch more about the site here:

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