Wednesday, September 30, 2009

art district .. in san diego??

Finally, a promising "arts district" may be formulating in San Diego's Barrio Logan. I moved away from San Diego and just recently came back after living in LA for 5 yrs. Its hard when you leave a city with a great art scene and come back to one that never really had one to begin with. But that seems to be changing. I was happy to discover that a less-traveled area on the outskirts of downtown has been occupied by some brave new artists. To get things going, The Guild restaurant made its appearance in mid 2007. I reall liked this place with it's urban gritty and gourmet style, but apparently it has not survived the recession.

The latest venture is the artist and design collective Glashaus, built out of an old glass factory by owners Greg Brotherton and Matt Devine, both sculptors. The space, an assortment of artist workspaces that complements the building’s stunning old bones.


The Guild

graphic bird addiction

I am not sure when it happened or how, but I've noticed lately that i have a slight obsession with birds done in a graphic or iconic design.

wayne pate

I also love these Vedel birds by Danish designer Kristian Vedel
Vedel brirds

This is a photograph I took in San Franscisco.

Charley Harper

Charley Harper

Charley Harper